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Corporate Training Video Services by Dynamic Digital Advertising


Corporate Training Video

An hour-long corporate training video, taped, edited, and produced for Tinius Olsen, digitally captured and edited by Dynamic Digital Advertising. Tinius Olsen is an 140 year old company that founded the metal fatigue testing industry single handedly.

The new Tinius Olsen MP600 melt-indexer was introduced in 2002, and DDA was chosen to work on the corporate training video.

The opening sequence began as a 3D model built by DDA's modelers and animators. Imagine an 140 year old company opening their new product video with a 3D animation of their new product emerging from a satellite orbiting the Earth.

Now that's a product launch even the original Tinius Olsen would be proud of. Please check out the Tinius Olsen Internet website, designed by Dynamic Digital Advertising in 2001.


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